Last Saturday night, Trapper Joe & Trigger Tommy from the show "Swamp People" were in Lake Charles where they made an appearance at the Louisiana Swashbucklers tailgate party.

After the game, Joe & Tommy took in some good Cajun music by going to see Damon Troy & Final Five perform at Yesterdays.  The Next thing you know, Joe & Tommy were up on stage with Damon Troy singing "Jambalaya" and we have the video!

First and foremost, Trapper Joe and Trigger Tommy are two really nice guys and they are Cajuns so of course they like to have a good time.

Here is Trapper Joe & Trigger Tommy with Damon Troy on stage!


Now wasn't that terrific!  You can see Trapper Joe and Trigger Tommy on the hit show "Swamp People" every Thursday night on the History Channel.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler Joe & Tommy!