So after my show yesterday here at the Cajun Radio studio's, I was just working on other things when my secretary came over the PA and said, "MIKE SOILEAU come to the front".  I was like huh I wonder who it was?

Well I went up to the front and BAM there stood Steve Riley! He was in the area and dropped by to visit.  Of course Steve or any of our Louisiana Artists are always welcome anytime. 

Steve and I came into the Cajun Studio and just hung out talking about different things from where he has been playing to festivals he will be at to his thoughts on his nomination for a Grammy this year for his latest CD "Grand Isle".

Steve said that he will definitely be making the trip to California for the Grammy awards presentation.  I told him that his CD "Grand Isle" was terrific and he deserves to win!

We also talked about him being one of our guests in the Cajun Radio listeners lounge for the Cajun Radio Backstage Pass.  He said he would love to do it so be looking for that to happen sometime this year!

Well just wanted to share that with you guys and gals out there.  You never know who will stop by the Cajun Radio studio's so make sure that you check in with us a lot so you don't miss anything!!