The Popular reality show "Swamp People" on the History Channel has taken the country by storm and also put South Louisiana on the map. From the entertaining Troy Landry ("Choot 'em!") to Trapper Joe & Tommy bickering all the time to Junior and Willie with that darn Treble hook, Swamp People has become a household name all over the country. A great example is last month "Swamp People" season two finale pulled in 5.5 million total viewers, overtaking “The Deadliest Catch” on Discovery, which had 3 million total viewers. It was the most-viewed cable show that Thursday in total viewers. WOW! Thanks to your votes on Facebook, here are your top 5 list of your favorites!

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    Glenn & Mitchell Guist

    Living off the land.

    Glenn and Mitchell Guist came on the scene this past season on “Swamp People.” It looks like they haven’t seen a dentist or a barber in quite a while. Also, I don’t think they make regular trips to the grocery store, either. In one episode this past season, the boys decided they needed to go squirrel hunting for their dinner. So they got their hunting vest on and grabbed their shotguns. They walked out of the front door of their house, which, oh, by the way is smack dab in the middle of the swamp, and sat on their front steps. A few minutes later, they started shooting the dinner right in the front yard. Now, that’s old school Cajun there! That’s why they are #5 on your list. Check out this video of the Guist boys telling you what they like to eat! Classic!

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    Learning the Swamp People ways from his father.

    Willie, Junior's son, is known for his snake hunting and that one missing tooth. Willie has no fear when it comes to the swamp. This year, we saw Willie go out at night and wrangle up snakes at night, get shot by his dad Junior, and of course be one bad dude hooking gators in the middle of the bayou with his homemade gator treble hook. You've got to love a guy that gets bit by snakes and gators and gets shot by accident and still keeps going. That's why you voted him to the #4 spot of your top 5 "Swamp People" In this video, Willie has just been shot by Junior and they head home to tell the boss, Willie's mom, about it. Watch her reaction. Funny!

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    Trigger Tommy

    Ain't afraid of nuthin'.

    Trigger Tommy is known for his antics and arguing with his stepfather Trapper Joe. This season, Joe & Tommy parted ways for a couple days during the alligator season. With the constant bickering and making up and Tommy and his partying ways, he became a favorite on the show. You have voted him your #3 favorite "Swamp People" Personality. In this video, Tommy takes on trying to be a tug boat captain. Funny!

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    A woman making her way in a man's world

    Elizabeth became Troy's new sidekick this season and she was ranked #2 by you in our top 5 poll. Here is a video of the first day that Elizabeth and Troy worked together. It's pretty funny to see Elizabeth putting Troy in his place.

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    Troy Landry

    As swampy as it gets.

    Watch Troy take you back into the swamp and tell you about a creature that lurks around the swamps of South Louisiana. Troy has become a household name with his catch phrase "Choot 'em." He's all over the place, including the current "Choot 'em" Lottery scratch-off tickets, which have their own funny commercials running. Troy also has a line of swag from T-shirts to Koozies and his own website -- I guess that's why he comes in at the #1 spot as your favorite "Swamp People" personality! By the way, you got to love the Cajun accent!