Theresa Lynn Warner, 40, her 39-year-old fiancé, Christopher Damaio and Warner’s 17-year-old son were busted this week just outside Pittsburgh with a van full of shoplifted toys they planned to sell on eBay or elsewhere — $35,000 worth of loot in all. Ho-Ho-Holy holiday shopping list, that’s a lot of stolen merchandise!

The trio bilked 91 Kmart, Walmart and Toys R Us locations across three states before security in one of the stores finally caught on, bringing their massive crime spree to an end. Inside their rented van loaded with action figures, cars, dolls and trading cards, police also found a spiral notebook that helpfully listed the names of the stores and what had been taken from each one. A “naughty list,” if you will.

Most of the stuff has been returned from whence it came, and police are asking a judge to let them donate what’s left to charity.

All three of the perpetrators are being held in lieu of bond, charged with retail theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy. Arraignment is set for January 13, where they will no doubt get a punishment much worse than a lump of coal in their stockings. Watch a news report on some seriously naughty Christmas elves below.

[via The Daily]