HMMMM. So the New Orleans Saints Head Coach is buying a house in the Dallas, Texas area. Rumors also swirled this past weekend about a job that Payton was speculated to have been offered with the Dallas Cowboys.

Ed Werder of ESPN, a well-respected reporter, says that Saints head coach Sean Payton will be moving to the Dallas suburb of Westlake and commute to coach the Saints.

Mike Triplett of the Times Picayune says he learned that the Payton family will maintain residences in both places.

The story comes after a weekend in which fans clamored for information following a rumor that Payton was going to Dallas to become the Cowboys' general manager.

Sunday night, the Saints issued a statement saying that Payton was the Saints coach and wasn't going to work for the Cowboys in any capacity.

For a few short hours, at least, the rumor was put to bed. But now it seems that while he's still the head coach in New Orleans, he has one foot out of the Crescent City and in another NFL town.

via Reports: Payton to buy house in Dallas, keep residence in N.O. area | | News.

Do you think that its weird that Sean Payton is buying a house in Dallas and will commute each day to New Orleans to still be the coach. What do you think???