Sunday night, New Orleans was rocking in anticipation of the Saints/Colts game.  As I walked to the stadium with my son for his first Saints game I remember saying, "I hope they win".

Boy did they win.  Right before the kickoff we settled into our seats in the North endzone 14 rows from the field.  The Superdome was like being at a party with seventy thousand of your closest friends.

Here is my experience from this record setting game.

The players for the Saints were introduced with Drew Brees being the last.  When Brees was introduced, I thought the top of the Superdome was going to blow off!

As the Saints kicked off, the dome was so loud you couldn't even hear the person next to you talk.  It was terrific!

I will tell you though that the 3 first quarter touchdowns scored by the Saints were all in our endzone where we were sitting. People were going nuts screaming, dancing and high fiving everyone around you even if you didn't know them.  It was a great atmosphere!

Well i am not going to give you a play by play because i know you watch the game. Let me say though, as the score started to climb higher and higher,  the buzz around where we were sitting was crazy.  People started asking " have we ever scored this many points before and Is this a record?"

Well i looked it up when i got back and it was a record setting night for the Saints!

The Saints' point total tied the most in a game by any team since the AFL merged with the NFL in 1970.

The Saints previous franchise high for points in a game was 51 on three occasions and their largest previous victory margin was 42 over Denver in 1988.

When the large video board in the Superdome showed Payton peering out from the booth, the crowd erupted. By the time the third quarter ended, there wasn't much of a crowd left.


Anyway that you look at it, it was a great win for the Saints and i was glad to be a part of this history making night.

Here are some pictures from the game.  Geaux Saints!!!