Now this is funny.  The President of the Unites States got locked out of the White House.  Check it out.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Even the President of the United States can get "locked out" of his home once in a while.

The president returned early from a five-day trip to Latin America Wednesday. He had a bit of trouble opening the French doors leading to the Oval Office.

The problem was apparently somebody didn't tell the staff that the president was coming back to work, and the doors were locked.

The Commander in Chief didn't miss a beat. He nonchalantly turned and walked to another set of doors partially obscured by some flowering spring bushes.

You may remember President George W. Bush had a similar mishap in 2005 when he tried to open a locked set of doors after a news conference in Beijing.

via Obama 'locked out' of White House.

Well it happens to all of us huh?  Did you laugh after you read this story???