As we posted earlier, The Yankee version of Groundhog Day saw Phil Not seeing his shadow.  Well down in New Iberia, there was also a prediction done by our version of the Groundhog Cajun style.

Pierre C. Shadeaux braved the overcast weather and slight chill this morning to bring good news to South Louisiana.

With a decision called by Rev. Scott Bullock of First United Methodist Church, Shadeaux “seemed pretty confident” and didn’t see his shadow, meaning South Louisiana will have a longer spring, putting off the return of summer’s heat and humidity.

This is better news than Punxsutawney Phil brought to the rest of the country early this morning, as he saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter.

via News : No 'Shadeaux' good news for South Louisiana (New Iberia, LA).

So looks like more Spring here in South Louisiana and  that's ok with me.  It means that the Scorching hot Summer wont come so fast.