First head coach Sean Payton gets suspended for a year, Quarterback Drew Brees remains unsigned, and then the Captain of the New Orleans Saints defense Jonathan Vilma gets suspended for a year.  Now more drama has unfolded from what I like to call Bounty Gate!

Former Saints defensive lineman Anthony Hargove describes in a sworn statement how he was told by ex-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and current New Orleans assistant head coach Joe Vitt to deny the existence of a bounty program to NFL investigators.

In a document obtained Monday by The Associated Press, Hargrove acknowledges that he acted on Williams' and Vitt's instructions to "play dumb" if asked whether he was aware of bounties being placed on former Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre or any other player.

The NFL, by contrast, has said that Hargrove's words acknowledge the existence of a bounty program and show that Hargrove initially lied to NFL investigators about it.

Hargrove, currently with Green Bay, was one of four players who received suspensions of various lengths in connection with the bounty probe. Hargrove was suspended eight games.

Source: ESPN

What is even more disturbing is that Quarterback Drew Brees name is not even on the Active roster on the New Orleans Saints website.  He is all by himself at the bottom of the page listed as " Exclusive Rights Free Agent". See for yourself!

That can't make Drew very happy or Saint fans for that matter.

Stayed tuned because you never know what will be next in the next episode of "As The Saints World Turns" Upside down for that matter!