Friday night, I had a chance of a lifetime to meet legendary country music icon Kenny Rogers.  He was performing at L'Auberge du Lac casino resort. It was Kenny's 2011 Christmas & Hits tour where he played his hits and then Christmas music. He also had special guest Billy Dean with him on the tour.

Here is my step-by-step account of what happened backstage with Kenny.

So the show was to start at 8:30 p.m. and we were told to have our backstage pass and meet in the Cypress Room by the event center at 8 p.m. to meet Kenny Rogers.

I was excited because Kenny was one of my favorites growing up and loved him in the movies "The Gambler" and "Six Pack."  I couldn't wait to meet him and tell him that I loved "Six Pack" growing up.  I literally have watched that movie 100 times!

So the time had come.  They came and got us and brought us backstage.  Kenny pulled up in style on a golf cart.  I stood there while people in line walked up and had their turn taking pictures with Kenny and he took time to talk with each person.  One couple was attending their 1,034th show.  Wow!  Kenny took the time to talk and thank them.

Then it was my turn.  I walked up to Kenny and I was introduced to him. He said, "Hello it's nice to meet you."  We then stood together and took a picture. Here it is.

After taking this picture, I then told him what i wanted to say.  I said, "Kenny, I have been waiting along time to tell you this.  When I was growing up, I loved your movie 'Six Pack!'"

He laughed and said, " I have seven year old twins and they love racing and fast cars so I thought It would be a good idea to show them dad in the movie driving race cars."  By the way, Kenny did some of the driving in the movie.  He then told me, " I forgot about the part when one of the kids in the movie said, 'No s### Dick Tracy!' I guess that wasn't that great of an idea huh?"

We started laughing and he shook my hand again and said it was nice to meet you and said he hoped I enjoy the show. I then walked out and headed to my seat to enjoy the show.

Reflecting back on this experience, It was nice that someone that you grew up listening to his music and watching his movies was a nice as Kenny Rogers.  He made you feel like you were the only one there and his full attention was on meeting you.  I love when I meet an artist and they are as friendly and down to earth as I hoped and thought they would be.

Kenny Rogers is a class act in my book and one of the most legendary country music singers of our time. It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Rogers and you have a fan in me for life!

Just wanted to share that cool experience with you guys and gals out there.