I guess being the #1 ranked team in the country has its perks.  The SEC announced yesterday that the game between the LSU Tigers and the Auburn Tigers/War Eagles or whatever they are called this week has been picked up by CBS on October 22nd.

The Tigers will also be featuring its brand new NIKE Pro Combat uniforms for this game and will be the only game the Tigers will wear the uniforms.  Want to see what they look like???

This will be the 3rd game in a row that LSU will be featured on the CBS network in a row. The Tigers beat Florida last week 41-11 on CBS and will face the Tennessee Volunteers this Saturday in Tennessee at 2:30 on CBS. Then they will play Auburn next Saturday at home in Death Valley, again on CBS.

Looks like they should rename CBS to the LSU Network !!!

Here is a look at the Uniforms they will be sporting for the Auburn game.

So get ready Tigers fans because you will be able to see your Tigers play 2 more weeks in a row on national TV.  Geaux Tigers!!!