So Wednesday was national signing day for college football programs across the country.  Well at LSU they hold the LSU Bayou Bash and head coach Les Miles address the fans and students about the recruited class for the upcoming season.

In the video, as you will see, Les Miles starts talking about quarterback Gunner Keil who orginally commited to go to LSU but then backed out and went to Notre Dame instead.

Watch this video and see Les Miles go off about Gunner and questions his ability to lead a program!  It's a must see!

You can watch the whole video which only about 3 minutes long which starts of showing the festivites or fast forward the video to the One Minute Mark. That is when Les Miles starts talking and then goes off about Gunner Keil!


So what did you think about that?  Do you think he was wrong to call Gunner Keil out or do you think Les was right?


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