Over five years ago, Dr. Peter LaFuria was arrested after it was found that he had been taking inappropriate and explicit pictures of his patients without their knowledge and/or consent.

Now a judge has granted a change of venue in the case meaning that once LaFuria's trial starts, it won't be in Calcasieu Parish.


Motions in the case are before Judge David Ritchie today in state district court. Another issue ruled on today deals with evidence.

LaFuria's attorneys had argued that a change of venue is needed for him to get a fair trial.

Charges against LaFuria include 186 counts of video voyeurism for allegedly taking nude photos of his patients without their knowledge or permission.

He's also charged with 78 counts of sexual battery and 5 counts of molestation of a juvenile.

LaFuria has been out on bond since 2007.


Source:KPLCTV Theresa Schmidt


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