Keith Frank, aka The Zydeco Boss" has released his highly anticipated new double CD called "Follow the Leader/Boot Up".  The "Follow the Leader" disc features 17 songs including his first single "Uplifting".

The 'Boot Up" disc has 13 songs on it including special guests Buckwheat Zydeco and Keith's dad Preston Frank.

We have been playing the current single "Uplifting" but now we want to give you a chance to hear one of the songs from the "boot up" CD called " Still Zydeco For Me".

Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco band are really excited about their new CD release.

Here is the song I was telling you about called "Still Zydeco For Me".  It talks about how he loves the traditional Zydeco music and roots.  Then he talks about the new music and artists (Without naming any) and how they want to be something other than Zydeco artist and play Zydeco Music.

Take a listen:

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