Keith Frank will be live in the Cajun Radio studio's tomorrow morning around 9 a.m so make sure to listen up.  We will be talking with Keith about his upcoming dual CD he has been working on called "Follow the Leader".

Also we will fill you in about our big Lundi Gras party with him at Yesterdays nightclub in Lake Charles this Monday night February 20th.

When will Keith's new CD be coming out?


Well you will just listen up tomorrow morning to hear what Keith tells us about when the CD will be released.  I know this much.  it will be two CD's.  One of just Keith and the other one will feature a special guest who is close to Keith's heart.

Don't forget everyone about the Lundi Gras Party with Keith this Monday night.  Need advanced tickets? Well here is where to get them!

Advanced Tickets are $12 and are on sale

NOW at:

Townsquare Media Studios

900 North Lakeshore Drive in Lake Charles


Yesterdays Night Club

5313 Common Street In Lake Charles


Meaux’s Western Wear

3911 Common Street in Lake Charles



We hope to see you there and join us tomorrow morning as we will have Keith Frank Live in the Cajun Radio Studio!