We have some breaking news for you.  We talked with Jamie Bergeron yesterday about the whole controversy behind his song "Registered Coonass" and Jamie had some big news for us!

In an interview with Jamie Bergeron that you can hear below, he explains that he NOW owns the phrase "Registered Coonass" and has a registered trademark on the phrase.

Are you ready to hear what Jamie had to say?In this interview you are about to hear, we touched on the drama that waws launched by an attorney last week about the word "Coonass" and we also talk about how Jamie obtained and trademark the phrase.  Plus Jamie tells us what is to come in his upcoming concerts and the merchandise he has available for you to get behind the "Coonass" movement.

Here my interview with Jamie Bergeron:

Now isn't that cool that Jamie now has the registered trademark for "Registered Coonass".

Jamie Bergeron & the Kickin Cajuns will be performing LIVE at Yesterdays night club in Lake Charles this Friday night March 16th, 2012.

Above is the T-shirt and below is the new license plate for your truck or car.


So make sure you go see Jamie Begeron play live this Friday night after the Iowa Rabbit Festival.  Yesterdays nigh club is the official after party spot of the festival and they are doing it up Friday with Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin Cajuns!