Jamie Bergeron's the "Registered Coonass"will hit Lake Charles this Friday Night July 6th.

A few months back the controversy over Jamie's song "Registered Coonass" erupted but most of you said that it didn't offend you and you got behind Jamie. Now you can go see and support Jamie Bergeron this Friday night as he makes his return back to Lake Charles.

Jamie Bergeron and the Kickin Cajuns will be performing live at Yesterdays Night Club in Lake Charles.

So head over to Yesterday's Friday night to see and hear the "Registered Coonass" Jamie Bergeron.

Jamie has even made new shirts that will be available Friday night. Check them out!

Jamie is ready to rock Yesterdays and play all your favorites from his latest CD "Your New CD".

Doors open at 8 p.m. and Jamie will start around 10 p.m. See ya there!!!