After all the drama surfaced about former Calcasieu Parish Tax Assessor Richard Cole came out, the Tax Assessors office has been in turmoil.  Now just a few days after former Tax Assessor Richard Cole's resignation became final, a new Interim Assessor has been sworn in.

Wendy Curphy Aguillard was sworn in on Tuesday as the Calcasieu Parish Assessor by Clerk of Court Lynn Jones.

Aguillard will serve as Interim Assessor until an election is held on October 22 to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Richard Cole. She has been with the Assessor's office since 1996 and has been Chief Deputy since 2009.

In a brief statement after being sworn in, Aguillard said, "I want to reassure the public that the experienced staff will allow the Assessor's office to continue to run as it should. It is important for us to continue working to restore the public's faith and confidence in our office."

via Interim Calcasieu Tax Assessor sworn in - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

One notable candidate that has already thrown her hat into the ring is Former Lake Charles Mayor Willie Mount.  Mount said that she plans on running for the office in October.

The last 2 Calcasieu Parish Tax Assessors left the office because of unethical practices while in office.  Let's see what other candidate's surface to run for the position and hopefully get someone in there we can trust.