We first notice these "rings" on the hydrants a few weeks ago...Now, thanks to KPLC we know what they mean!

You may have seen different rings around your hydrant and those blue markers in the street. What do these colors mean to you if you have a fire in your area?

Here’s what we found out:

Rings are based on GPM (gallons per minute) after each hydrant has been tested.

There are private hydrants and city hydrants. Both types are tested by the city, however private hydrants get repaired by those that own it (i.e. hydrants in apartment complexes).

The blue markers in the road indicate to an approaching fire truck exactly what side of the street the fire hydrant is on.

Blue plastic rings means your gallons per minute is 1500 or more.

Green plastic rings means your gallons per minute is 1000-1499.

Orange plastic rings mean your gallons per minute is 500-999.

Red plastic rings means your gallons per minute is BELOW 500.

Yellow ring placed around the front 4 1/2 inch outlet means NOT OPERATIONAL.

Lake Charles Fire Chief Keith Murray says if you happen to see a yellow ring near your home or business, there is no need to worry. Inside the city, the next fire hydrant is just 400-600 feet away from the broken one. Each fire truck is equipped with reaching a maximum of 1200 feet. And one more thing to add about the fire trucks, each truck also holds at least 6-12 minutes of water to attack any fire. Connecting a truck to a hydrant is laying an additional line of defense.

And for those wondering what the latest is on Cormie’s Grocery, the fire is still under investigation. The family says they do plan to rebuild. However, rebuilding plans are between the family and their insurance company.

via Yellow means your fire hydrant is broken, Cormie’s latest – KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.