Apparently these four geniuses in Roanoke, LA got hungry for Crawfish and instead of doing what any decent upstanding citizen would do which is buy them, they decided to just raid a crawfish farm and take what they wanted.

Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office made four arrests Thursday morning for theft of crawfish.  Patrol deputies discovered four subjects on Compton road in Roanoke, LA,  parked in a vehicle with no lights. Recovered from the location was a plastic tub that contained approximately 85 lbs. of live crawfish.


Elliott Clark III, 31, Isaiah Clark, 27, Randall Clark and Donald Watson Jr., 24, all from Lake Charles, LA were charged with Theft of Crawfish and booked into the Jefferson Davis Parish Jail. Bond was set at $10,000.00 each.

Now that is one expensive sack of Crawfish!


Now ladies and gentlemen, I give you the four wanna be crawfish farmers No sorry thieves.

Here is brilliant mind #1 Elliot Clark III

Elliot Clark III (Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office)

Here is brilliant mind #2 Donald Watson JR.

Donald Watson JR (Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office)

Here is Genius #3 Isaiah Clark

Isaiah Clark (Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office)

Here is Genius #4 Randall Clark

Randall Clark (Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office)