Over the weekend, I emceed the Bayou Bash at the Prien Lake Mall.  The event was full of great food, carnival rides for the kids and live music.

Horace Trahan and Damon Troy rocker the Bayou Bash and we also got a visit from R.J. and Jay Paul from the show "Swamp People".  I had a chance to interview the guys and this is just a little of what they had to say.

I sat down for a chat with both of the guys from "Swamp People" and asked them what they had been doing since alligator season finished.  RJ said, "We have been taking it easy and traveling all over the country meeting their fans".

I asked them about the alligator season and if it was as rough it has been being shown on the show.  RJ said, "We had a tropical storm to deal with and a massive cold front that came through which made it a little tougher on us this season."

I then asked Jay Paul what was up with the chicken sandwhich they used in one episode this season after the guys ran out of bait.  Jay Paul laughed and said, " Well we were out of bait and we need something to hang on our lines so I came up with that".

All and all, it was really cool to hang out with RJ and Jay Paul.  In the picture you see above of me with the guys, you see a black guitar.  I had RJ and Jay Paul sign the guitar. It is like my personal "Swamp People" guitar because I have already had Trapper Joe and Trigger Tommy from the show sign it too.

RJ and Jay Paul are just like us, hard working people trying to make a living.  The only thing is there job is put on TV! The current season of "Swamp People" is still airing but will be coming to an end soon. It airs every Thursday night at 8 p.m. on the History Channel.

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