It pays to be a Cajun Krewe Club member with Cajun Radio.  Tomorrow morning I will have our latest winner in our Cajun Krewe Club in the studio with me.

The winner took his points he earned by playing the word of the day, taking our polls, quizes and surveys and entered to win a chance to be a DJ for a day on the air with me on Cajun Radio!

Who is it?

Well all I can tell you is he is a faithful listener to Cajun Radio, a friend of ours on Facebook and a Cajun Krewe club member.  He really is a Cajun Radio VIP!  The winner will be talking with me on the air, picking out some of the music and taking your requests too.  So listen up tomorrow morning to see how our guest DJ does!

I will be on the air around 7 a.m. and our new guest DJ will be on with me around 8:30 a.m.  Should be a fun time!

Make sure to join our Cajun Krewe Club!  You could be next!