It's hardly a surprise, but "Duck Dynasty's" outspoken Phil Robertson will likely not be apologizing for comments he made in a recent GQ article.

British newspaper The Daily Mail attended Robertson's bible study group in West Monroe over the weekend, where the family patriarch reacted to the controversy surrounding him.

"I love all men and women. I am a lover of humanity, not a hater," he was quoted as saying.  But after that, he proved he wasn't willing to back off his previous comments:

‘Commonsense says we are not going to procreate the human race unless we have a man and a woman. From the beginning Jesus said, "It is a man and a woman." Adam was made and Eve was made for this reason. They left their fathers and mothers and be united to become one flesh, that’s what marriage is all about.

‘But we looked at it and said it was an outdated stereotype. When you look back at the human race, the sins have always been the same: We get high, we get drunk, we get laid, we steal and kill.

‘Has this changed at all from the time God burnt up whole cities because their every thought was evil?’ -- The Daily Mail

Robertson went on to say that despite being called "an ignoramus" across several social media sites over the last week, he's no dummy.

'We are a bunch of rednecks from Louisiana, but I am not uneducated, I have a degree from Louisiana Tech.

'But this week I have been called an ignoramus. This week I have been asked, "Is this the first time you have brought up sin?" I said, "Are you kidding? I have been traveling to and fro spreading this message."

'Then he said, "Well do you invite yourself to go and get your Bible and tell people what you are now sharing with us?" I said, "No they are inviting me."  -- The Daily Mail

With nine of the next season' ten episodes in the can and set to start in January, Phil won't be disappearing from the airwaves any time soon, despite a "suspension" from A&E.  While this whole thing looks like it was manufactured to get the show some more attention, it seems unlikely anyone will be shutting down the cash cow that is "Duck Dynasty" any time soon.

And for now, it looks as if no one will be shutting Phil Robertson's mouth, either.