The Drew Brees & Saints drama just keeps going on and on and on!  Well now reports are saying that Drew Brees will not show up for the start of training camp without a contract being signed.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen quotes ''league and team sources'' in reporting that Saints quarterback Drew Brees has no plans to sign his franchise tender is a deal is not reached on his contracty by the 3:00 p.m. Monday deadline.

Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic says the posturing is not unexpected.

"Both sides are negotiating somewhat through the media," Garic says.  "I don't know that it's anything to get worked up about, because both sides want a deal done, and you're seeing both sides doing what they can to their advantage."

Source: ESPN

We reported earlier this week, the Siants have until Monday to get a long term contract signed. Sure is about to get interesting between now and Monday at 3 p.m.