It's what every bedroom singer wants to know -- what's the surest way through the 'American Idol' audition process to Hollywood?  Joshua Ledet has a little advice.

It's pretty straightforward, as the best advice usually is.  At the same time it's very obvious and practical -- and yet, as the audition episodes of 'Idol' prove year-in and year-out, so many people can't seem to grasp it.  What's Josh's advice?  Well, be yourself.  Don't copy other people.  Duh.

And it's great and all, but we'll see some poor soul next year in Season 12 who thinks she's Christina Aguilera or some boob who thinks he can mimic Stevie Wonder.  And they'll wonder why they don't make it through to Hollywood.  You can say what you want about the way Josh's voice sounds, but he brings his own personality to it, no matter how much he can sound like Otis Redding or Sam Cooke.

Having said that, how do you keep from blowing out a voice like Josh's?  Surely he has some sort of medical secret weapon, right?