In a move that will make history in national athletics, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) announced yesterday that they are endorsing a playoff system for college football.  Of course, it’s only a four-team playoff, and the BCS will still use their mysterious ranking system to decide which teams play in it, but if it’s approved by the university presidents that sit on the BCS’s oversight committee it will make groundbreaking changes to the way national champions are chosen.

According to FOX Sports, the BCS’s commissioners were unanimous in their approval plan – which was built over the last six months across give meetings.   Starting in 2014, the BCS will seed four teams for the national semifinals.  The semifinals will be part of the established bowl system, and the championship game will be played at a neutral site.

Wednesday’s announcement comes after years of fighting between the major NCAA conferences – the SEC and the Big 12 were in a standoff with the Big 10 and PAC-10.  The SEC and the Big 12 were strongly in favor of a four-team playoff – something the other two conferences could not agree to … until Wednesday.

And while no one said it outright Wednesday, it seems likely the playoff’s participants would be chosen by a selection committee tasked with picking the best four teams, but with strong consideration given to conference champions.

Of course, it’s all subject to the 12 university chief executive officers who comprise the BCS presidential oversight committee, but with (the Big 10 and PAC-10) having surrendered, the group is expected to eventually reach the same consensus.