Well you thought that the mosquito's only came out during the warm weather.  Well it just is not the case this time.  The Calcasieu Parish Mosquito control is reporting and unusual outbreak of salt marsh mosquito's.

Here is the latest report from the Mosquito control.

Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control reports that unusually warm temperatures combined with tides and rainfall of recent weather events has caused an unexpected outbreak of salt marsh mosquitoes. Normally, crews would be doubling efforts to combat the situation, but current weather conditions are offering less than ideal conditions for spraying. Mosquito spray applications are often curtailed in the winter months because they have little impact on mosquito populations when temperatures drop to 60 degrees or less.

According to the Director of Mosquito Control, Scott Willis, “Historically, in the past 10 years our crews have only sprayed for mosquitoes three nights in January, and two of those evenings occurred in 2009.”

Successful aerial applications by plane are often a big challenge in the winter months due to windy conditions and temperature inversions. During cold months, temperatures at ground level cool quicker than the warmer air above which can prevent an aerial application from coming down effectively.

Calcasieu is not the only parish facing these obstacles. Mosquito districts across the state are facing the same issues.  Willis says, “We are aware of the mosquito problem and we will be spraying as soon as weather conditions are favorable for our applications. In the meantime, we’re urging residents to protect themselves-even during the winter- and take precautions when outdoors.”

---Jason Barnes  Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control

So if your hitting the water for some outdoor fun or are going to be around areas with large standing water, make sure to take the proper precautions.