With high winds and no rain, it's understandable why a Burn Ban has been put in place for the Calcasieu Parish area.

A burn ban is in effect for Ward 3. The ban was implemented by Lake Charles Fire Chief Keith Murray. When asked why he decided on the ban, Murray says that since he has the most dense Ward (population), he thought it prudent. Ward 3 also is under his office and in this case, operates independently from the rest of Calcasieu Parish.

With multiple stories on wildfires in Texas and our very own wildfire in Sulphur DeQuincy area, residents wondered why the burn ban hasn't reached the rest of Calcasieu Parish.

Norman Bordeau, Operations Manager with The Office of Emergency Preparedness, says by Thursday afternoon his office plans on looking into a burn ban for the rest of Calcasieu Parish. He added that if at least two conditions are met that dictate a ban, he would start the steps. So we asked what two conditions and what are the steps into issuing a burn ban. Here was his response:

- Must have at least two conditions met: no rain, high windows and/or low humidity.

- The OEP then has to make a recommendation to the police jury administration to issue a burn ban.

- The administration then drafts up a resolution that is then signed by the police jury President and Director of the OEP.

- It is then filed with the Clerk of Courts.

- A copy is emailed and sent via hard copy to other departments including media.

Any burn ban put into effect must last thirty days i.e. unless the ban is rescinded due to new conditions (lots of rain, high humidity, etc.)

Keep in mind that your fire department is able to request a burn ban ordinance from the Office of Emergency Preparedness. However, after the OEP gets the request and they have polled all other fire departments that fall under that area's umbrella - all departments must be in agreement in order for the ban to take effect.

via Burn bans in Calcasieu Parish - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Over the weekend we lost 300 acres of woods to a wildfire and we don't want to see that happen again.