Well, we asked you guys and gals out there who your favorite Cajun artists were, and once again, you chimed in with your votes. All these artists have been entertaining you for years. Did your favorite make the list? Well, let's see:

Well, we asked you guys and gals out there who your favorite Cajun artists were, and once again, you chimed in with your votes. All these artists have been entertaining you for years.  Did your favorite make the list?  Well, let's see:
Keith Frank & Damon Troy &



[TIE] Keith Frank & Damon Troy




Cajuns and Couillons, we have a tie.  Coming in at #5 are Keith Frank & Damon Troy. Keith Frank -- better referred to as the "Zydeco Boss" -- and the golden voice of Damon Troy were tied when we tallied the votes. Keith, known for songs like "Dreams Come Alive," "Movin' on Up," and "Haterz," has been rocking audiences all over the country and right here at home.  When Keith starts his show, he plays for something like four hours straight without stopping.  That makes Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band a crowd favorite!

Damon Troy is known for his golden voice and his monster ballads.  Damon has hits like "Shortnin' Bread," "She's Mine," "Give Me Your Heart," and "Heartbroken Little Boy," just to name a few. That's why these two guys were neck-and-neck for your votes and came in tied at #5.



Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys




Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys burst on the Cajun music scene back in 1990 with their self-titled debut CD.  Since then, they have released 13 total albums and were nominated for two Grammy Awards -- in 2004 and in 2009.  Steve has hits like "Allons Danser," "Bone Reve'," "Evangeline Waltz Two Step," and "Danse du Mardi Gras."  That's why Steve comes in at #4 on your list!



Horace Trahan




Horace Trahan is one guy that always brings the heat when he is on stage.  Horace Trahan, the maker of the hit single, “That Butt Thing,” is a world-renowned Cajun and Zydeco artist, respected for his ability to pull the hell out of an accordion and belt out vocals that will give you chills. Having over-stepped boundaries and bypassed the stereotypes of naysayers, this native of Ossun, La., has made a huge and highly anticipated comeback on the music scene!

At 15, Horace wanted to learn to play the accordion. His father brought him to Felix Richard, a strong accordionist and first cousin who lived in Cankton, La.  Horace was a natural and booked his first gig within six months of learning to play.  Horace has a great CD out right now called "Keep Walking" spawning hits like "Funny Things Change," "When Love Takes Over" and "Same Knife Cut the Sheep, Cut The Goat."  This is why Horace "The Butt Thing" Trahan is #3 on your list!


Check out the video for "The Butt Thing."



Geno Delafose




I have said it once, and I will say it again.  Geno Delafose is one of the nicest guys in Cajun/Zydeco Music.  Geno always has a smile on his face and is always ready to meet his fans.  Geno is also known for his style of dress -- he's probably the best-dressed musician in our genre of music, from his signature starched shirts and jeans down to his cowboy boots, hat and blingy belts!  Also when Geno hits the stage, get ready to dance all night because he don't stop once he gets going!  In 2007, Geno Delafose and his band French Rockin' Boogie were nominated for a Grammy Award for their CD "Le Creole Cowboy."  So it's no wonder that Geno Delafose came in just shy of the #1 spot on your list as one of the most popular artists in Cajun/Zydeco Music.




Wayne Toups




So, uh, wow.  What can I say about Wayne Toups?  You got a few days?  Wayne Toups is to Cajun/Zydeco music what George Strait is to Country music. In 1985, Wayne released his first album called "Zydecajun," and since then he has been THE MOST popular Cajun/Zydeco Artist -- not only in Louisiana, but the world over. The big year for Wayne, though, was in 1995 when he released the CD "Back To the Bayou," which garnered his MEGA HIT "Take My Hand," which is by far the most recognizable song in Cajun Music today. Wayne is and never was going to be a one-hit wonder because, since that time, he had had hit after hit after hit. Songs like "Please Explain," "Two-Step Mamou," "Johnnie Can't Dance," "That's What I Love About My Baby," "Free Me," "Tupelo Honey," ... and the lists goes on and on! the hit "Free Me" actually charted on tyhe US country charts to #66. Wayne Toups and his band Zydecajun have been rocking us for years, and that's why it's easy to see why Wayne Toups is your #1 favorite Cajun/Zydeco artists of all time!

Wayne Toups' "Tupelo Honey"

Wayne Toups with Steve Riley, Acoustic version of "Take Care of My Kids"