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We talked to Damon Troy and asked about the track "Foxy Lady" on his latest CD, his take on the song, and how it came to be on the record. This is what he had to say.

When I was approached by Mark Miller of MTE Records about recording “Foxy Lady,” I must admit that the idea just didn’t seem like the best at the time. There’s such a fine line when recording a hit from another artist, but something completely different when that artist is of the likes of the late, great Jimi Hendrix. So the thought of recording “Foxy Lady” was a risk I wasn’t sure we should take because The Cajun, ZydeCajun, & Country genres are where my roots are, however; Mark was adamant and with a little persuasion, we decided to take that risk and it was an absolute honor to record "Foxy Lady." Many of my recordings are self-written, but I had previously recorded “Rest Your Love” originally by Conway Twitty on my third album, "What’s Next," which hit the R & R charts but "Rest Your Love" was much closer to my comfort zone.

At the end of the day, musical legends like Jimi Hendrix, Conway Twitty, Van Morrison, Keith Whitley, Otis Redding and a few others

have paved the way for the musicians to follow for many years to come. The bar was set long ago, and while very few, if any may ever surpass that bar, it was my pleasure to record “Foxy Lady” to pay tribute to the one and only Mr. Jimi Hendrix.

--Damon Troy

I asked Damon's management team to give me a little history about him and his music.

Damon Troy is an established artist who has four CDs released to date, the fifth to be released late 2011. Damon began his dream in music at the tender age of 7 years old and has many successes under his belt including, but not limited to, hitting the R & R Charts with his recording hit "Rest Your Love" off the album "What's Next."

Damon currently plays seven instruments -- drums, guitar, bass, fiddle, steel guitar, piano, and the accordion, which is his primary instrument. His talent and achievements have taken him all over the world creating lifelong memories that he will forever hold dear.

Damon is back and ready to continue what he loves to do. He has a new band name, new management, new band members and a new outlook on life. Final Five members consist of:

  • Damon Troy – Accordion/Vocals
  • Kaleb Broussard – Guitar/Vocals
  • Kevin Menard – Drums
  • Derek Dugas – Bass/Vocals
  • Joey Richard – Piano/Vocals
  • Wade Richard - Guitar/Vocals
  • Sound Engineering: Bryon, Leslie & Selina Myers with Sound Advice Production
  • Sylvan Olivier & Melissa Olivier - Stage Manager / Merchandise Coordinator/ Sales
  • John & Laurie Romero - Manager of Damon Troy & Damon Troy & Final Five
    A collection of extremely talented musicians, crew, and management that blend very well with one another.

Source: Damon Troy Management

So there you have it fans, a little behind the music for you about Damon Troy and his take on a rock and roll legend Mr. Jimi Hendrix.  Make sure to check out Damon Troy on Facebook and find out where you can go see him live or better yet we are going cruising with him in February of 2011. Book it here.