Wow its even getting expensive to head to the John now.  Check out this fully equipped toilet.  Thought this was funny!!!

This toilet isn't just new, it's super high-tech. It's got bells and whistles you've never dreamed of having in the bathroom. Like...

- Custom Bidet: User can control pressure, temperature and angle.

- Tankless Design: Read: No chains to jiggle!

- Motion Sensor Lid: After 90 seconds of no movement, the toilet will close.

- Seat Warmer: Why should your bottom suffer from a chilly toilet seat?

- Foot Warmer: A vent beneath the bowl blows hot air to warm your feet and the cold tile beneath them.

- Automatic Seat: For male users, a motion sensor is activated by foot and causes the seat to rise and then lower when you're away.

- LED lit back panel: Frosted glass is lit in an energy-efficient way.

- MP3 Hook-up: So you never have to be without your music.

- Remote Control: This touch-screen pad lets the user control all of these features from a wireless control. Should you want to activate the foot warmer in advance.

- A flat white surface designed for easy cleaning: Though we doubt anyone who spends over $6,400 on a toilet is planning to clean it themselves!

Pretty impressive, right? Wait, it gets better. This new toilet uses the smallest amount of water. It flushes on two settings, 0.6 gallons and 1.2 gallons.

via Kohler's $6,390 Toilet -

So what do you think about this????