The only thing that could have made it more embarrassing would be if he had driven his riding mower to the state capitol to carry out his BB gun assault. Why did it have to happen in Louisiana?

flickr/junior shooters


Most people use BB guns to shoot squirrels, birds or pesky tin cans. This guy decides to take one to the security minded seat of Louisiana's State Government. Maybe he wanted to help with the rodent problem or maybe he actually was planning to shoot someones eye out. Louisiana State Police thought he had a rifle and acted accordingly.

Russell Vaughn (a 32 year old from Greenwell Springs) ignored officers orders to drop his weapon and it could have turned out a lot worse for him. Luckily a security guard grabbed the BB gun and Russell fled without shooting a single squirrel, bird, tin can, rat or anyone's eye. Next year maybe he'll ask for something else for Christmas.